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Franklin Ruehl's Photo Gallery

Franklin Ruehl
Phones: (818)242-3097(Home)

Immediate link to my demo reel:

Yours truly in a 3-tailed raccoon Stetson hat:


"The Soup" on E!(My "Day The Earth Stood Still" Q on EXTRA):

A mini-version of my "Weekly Realm of Bizarre News" is now online at Videojug:

In the Ed McMahon "Gangsta Rap" video,I am seen with my repent sign and raccoon hat 38-42 secs into it, and at the very end 55-56 sec in a pirate hat dancing with others in his motel room:

-Realm of Bizarre News Website:

I portray a teacher in The Knux -"Cappuccino" Music Video:

Chatterbug Skit:

Recently,I taped a promo ad for the USA
Network which can serve as a mini-audition
(attachment watch my straw-in-potato
demo,please click on "VIEW MY CHARACTER" in the middle).

-Heavens(Patent Pending)(I perform my straw-in-potsto demo at beinning and dance later on):

-Weird TV(host of a segment):

My new conspiracy site. "The New World Order," at Videojug, is at:

Named 2007 "TV & Film Personality of the Year" by the entertainmnet website,

My profile at Expert Village:

Straw-in-Potato Video at Expert Village:

YouTube links:

Special "Hollywood Hopefuls" demo reel:

My straw-in-potato demo at "Heroes" website(1:26 into reel)

I was a "Stranger"(Ufologist) on the premiere of NBC's "Identity."

I was host/interviewer at London premiere of Nike film:
(626)318-3083(Cell) (818)242-3097

May the Power of the Cosmos be with You!

Franklin R.Ruehl

P.S.My IMDB profile is at: P.P.S. My "Mysteries From Beyond the Other Dominion" blog is